Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Another dream to share

Bodybuilding has been one of my prime areas of focus. I have even written a blog about how self-defence needs to be taught at school level itself. Combining these two fired up one more thought which became one more dream of mine which I want to share with my dear audience today. Today was filled with thoughts and discussions about dreams and hence I am continuing the same tonight.
I have searched for bodybuilding tips on internet and have often found most of the websites featuring bodybuilders from different countries other than my own country ie., India. Hence I used to have a dream that I should help Indian bodybuilders to get websites and market themselves and their ideas using the online medium. Probably the same is true in other countries where computer education is a little low. Since physical fitness is very important for a healthy lifestyle, everyone needs to get into physical training. To serve so many customers, obviously there need to be good number of trainers at least in the ratio of 20 customers: 1 trainer. All the people should have access to their trainers websites and gyms for their physical training. To accommodate every single citizen in gyms, there should be a lot of gyms, probably at the rate of every street having a gym. I even read that Arnold Schwarzenegger had once dreamt that there would be more gyms than supermarkets in USA. His dream motivated me as it clearly synced with that of mine.
Once there are enough number of gyms such that everyone gets physical training, people become stronger. Most of the parents don't enroll their kids into martial arts or any other self-defence classes because of the fear of their kids getting hurt. Once every kid is strong with daily work-out at the gym and play, even parents shall have more confidence and less fear in enrolling their children for self-defence classes. Eventually our coming generations shall become physically strong and the entire population shall be so strong that there cannot be any physical assault by bullies on anyone since everyone knows how to defend themselves and help others in trouble. This shall lead to an empowered nation is what my mind imagines and believes in. Please feel free to share your feedback on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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