Friday, March 15, 2013

Responses differ at times

The most unpredictable thing on this earth is the mood of a person. You might have experienced it many times that the same friend of yours reacts in different ways for the same thing at different times. The reason is the change in mood of your friend. The teacher comes to class and scolds even the best student for no reason while the same teacher on some other day is cool with the antics of the students. Once again the mood of the teacher was responsible for this contradictory behaviour.
Incidents on a daily basis keep influencing our moods and emotions. The worst part is that they carry their impact on other things that later enter the daily schedule of a person. As a result, the other things face a response which is a carry-over from the earlier experience. It so happens that we are not aware about what kind of a situation that a person has undergone before we go up to him/her to share our thoughts. At such times, the imagination of the response of the person in our mind is much different that that happens in the real scenario. At such times we make a general mistake that we conclude about the character or the attitude of the person which is not completely right. All of us are humans and not hard stones. As a result our moods are bound to swing with varied experiences across a day. So, whenever the response from a person is different from what we expected because of the wrong mood, instead of getting disappointed we should give some time or soothening words to the person to come back to the normal state and then re-narrate our words.
Not just humans, even non-living things respond differently under different circumstances. A very simple example is that of an iron rod which gets bent very easily when heated but is strong as a rock when cold and unbreakable. Understand the situation of a person before evaluating his/her response or attitude. You can feel free to share your feedback on

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