Friday, February 22, 2013

The glory of the story

"The glory is always hidden between the lines of the story" is the quote from the book 'Life Simplified!' by Sujit Lalwani, international inspirational speaker, OYW Ambassador. It is absolutely impossible for anyone to word out every moment and every emotion into a story. If done so, s/he will never be able to complete the story. Hence most of the times only the facts form the lines of the story. What lies in between these lines is the actual struggle which is the real reason for the glory of the story.
I am sure you would have either heard or read of many success glorious stories of great men and women. All such stories extend in length from a paragraph to a book. Despite the length, each such story tries to encompass the decades of years lived by the person. While doing so, only the very important notable information is brought out in the words of the story. If it's an autobiography, even the person writing shall only extract those lines from his/her life with which the readers can relate and coins them in the story. In the case of a biography, you can be sure that it cannot contain the complete information except for that which is already known to the world and few interviews from the person. In any of these cases, the real struggle, feelings and emotions are always hidden from the eyes of a normal reader. Only the decisions taken and the problems undergone are mentioned in the lines of the story. So only those special readers who can read the emotions and intentions between the lines of these factual information can see the real glory of the person.
A very simple example is that of Arnold Shwarzenegger. He mentions about his workouts, competitions, gym buddies, business learnings, ideals and more in his book 'The education of a bodybuilder'. When he mentions  about how he trained regularly for 4-5 hours continuously for 15 years, if you can imagine how he would have fought all the inert laziness and external discouragement day in and day out then you have discovered the glory lying between the lines of his story. Please feel free to share your feedback on
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