Saturday, February 09, 2013

Sallu bhai tujhe salaam

It used to be those times during childhood when I used to watch a lot of movies only in my regional language. Bollywood was a word which was unknown to me. As I grew up, I started getting glimpses of the bollywood stars. One of them was Salman Khan who was very much known for his fantastic physique. Being the most glamourous male star of the film industry, all his movies had a shirtless scene of his with many girls running around him in majority of them. I thought him as just a playboy in movies who didn't know any acting and hence hated him because I felt he was casting a negative influence.
I was too amature at that time to decide about all these. For many years I was a anti-Salman fan and would prefer to watch Shah Rukh Khan or Aamir Khan movies because I felt they had more talent stuff than Salman to showcase in their movies. It was only in the recent past of about one and half year back when I enrolled into a gym could I appreciate the niche that Salman Khan had carved for himself in the movie industry. All that I could see on the foreground was Salman's shirtless acts which never impressed me. But when I got into bodybuilding and started understanding the discipline and dedication that it requires to have a body like Salman Khan, I had huge amount of respect soar for him. I felt really guilty of not being able to spot the hardwork behind his shirtless acts. That is when I said, "Sallu bhai tujhe salaam".
Many a times in our lives we always jump into conclusions just by seeing what's right in front of our eyes. Not all of us go one step forward to understand the background work that resulted in the scenario that we are witnessing. In this ample gap of ignorance or negligence we end up failing in understanding people and situations. I learned the lesson of not judging people by what is showcased to our eyes and decided to think about what goes on behind the scenes. Please feel free to share your views on

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