Sunday, February 17, 2013

Patience is a desire

One of the powerful quotes from the book 'Life Simplified!' authored by the josh machine, Sujit Lalwani, comes once again in the form of a blog. All of us have assigned certain characteristics that are required to be successful in life. Definitely patience is one of them. This quote attributes pateince to be one of our desires. It symbolises that by desiring for a characteristic one can inculcate that in him/her.
Patience stands as the test of tough times. Patience doesn't mean that one has to stand still waiting for something to click, it's just a phase where in one is ready to input all the hardwork and resources in spite of no results only with a hope and belief that something will click for sure. So in the quote shown in the picture, Mr. Lalwani clearly mentions that without this desire to be patient, one cannot achieve patience. He also compares it to the life itself. Unless one has a desire to grow, life itself doesn't happen. Patience forms a very integral part of our journey to success as it is the packaging material for the box of requirements that success demands. Until all the essential qualities, skills, resources, labour, talents and time are put into the box the patience keeps waiting patiently. Once all are assembled in the box, patience binds all of them to present the gift of success back to us.
We desire to become successful in our careers. We desire for materialstic pleasures. We desire for relationships, love and respect. To achieve all these we need to possess certain prerequisite qualities like kindness, patience, hardwork, honesty, perseverence and lot more which are hard to develop. So by making it a desire to develop these qualities itself we can start enjoying the taste of achieving each quality which shall eventually lead us to our first set of desires. Please feel frank enough to write your feedback to
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