Thursday, February 21, 2013

Make up for the lost

As I write this 300th blog of mine, I regret those times of laziness and ignorance when I gave up on writing a blog a day. On March 4th,2012 I had decided that I would write a blog a day. I was consistent for some period of time and then sometimes I used to miss out on blogging due to various reasons. Some were genuine while some were not. I confess that I made mistakes and lost much of the time. 'To err is human' is what I have repeated many a times in my blogs. At the same time it's the responsibility of the same man to make up for all that is lost. Hence as I complete three centuries of blogs, I take up this challenge of completing 365 blogs by March 3rd,2013 midnight 12:00am.
No one is perfect and no one will ever be. Everyone keeps working towards perfection. This world is quite entropic challenging man's ability to predict every aspect of it. So, mistakes are bound to happen. At the same time lessons are also bound to be learnt by man. Once the mistakes are committed, time goes by which never comes back but the deadline for accomplishing our commitment remains the same. What remains is less amount of time but more amount of work. So at such instances it's very important for each one of us to realise that we need to walk an extra mile to fulfill our commitments and promises. When you have to make up for the lost, you have to be extra careful with what is remaining with you. If the same old mistakes are repeated then the pressure of burden of the work keeps piling upon you. So it becomes very important to chart out an optimized plan such that you walk an extra mile every day to an extent that it helps you build the momentum than break it. You will be able to work hard only when you feel the loss so deep that you can do nothing else apart from going an extra mile to make up for all that is lost.
Exactly 10 days to go before I touch March 3rd, 2013 by when I dream and aim to be the owner of 365 blogs. That shall make up for all those days that I lost by not blogging and make sure that I maintain a run rate of 'a blog a day'. I take up one more target at the same time. My blog has crossed 18000 views as of now. I would love to see it crossing 20000 views by March 3rd by when I accomplish my real goal of 'A BLOG A DAY' which I took up exactly 1 year ago. All these shall not be possible without the constant support and encouragement of my dear readers. Hence I ask for each one of my readers' wishes and blessings to help me accomplish what I aim for. You can pour in your wishes on

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