Sunday, February 10, 2013

Learn, Practise, Innovate

All of us are born in the age where the wheel has already been invented. So there is no need to reinvent the wheel. What I mean when I say that we needn't reinvent the wheel is that lots of research and development have already gone in even before we were born. So instead of trying to figure out things on our own it's better to learn from the works by great men already documented so that we can invest our time and energy in improvising them.
The three simple words that form the title of this blog can form the three simple steps for growth in our lives. Man has made sure from the days of civilization that all that he does gets documented so that it will be helpful for further generations. So make use of this existing knowledge base and learn from it. Once you have learned the existing means of accomplishing a particular task, start practising them so that you master the art of making things happen with the best optimization possible. The more you practise, the more near you get to perfection and also simultaneously productive output is bound to happen which keeps the work going on. The next step shall be to innovate new ways of performing the same task by adding certain modifications based on your knowledge and experience so that the method gets even more efficient. Then this can be passed on to the next generation and serve the purpose of growth.
I have seen many people who try to create things out of nothing and just simply waste all their time and energy. Creativity always springs out of a ocean of existing knowledge mine. It's only when we connect different aspects of what we have learned based on our experience will we able to come up with novel stuff that can give a sense of freshness to the world around. Do drop in your one-word feedback on

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