Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Keep aside the emotional side

Man was born with emotions and shall die with them. Still at times it's necessary for us to see this life and the life around us from a higher plane. It is just like how we talk about a third person. Every occasion brings along with it some associated emotion. Not just an occasion, people associate feelings and emotions with people and things too. This is what makes life complex and miserable.
As I had mentioned in one of my previous blogs named 'Mood matters', the emotions through which a person is going through definitely matter to the reactions s/he will show and decisions s/he will take. We have so many favourites and so many unfavourites and
correspondingly we start
associating different feelings with these two. Unfortunately because of some wrong assignment here and there, we tend to lose the major lessons of life. A very simple example is that of time. We say those times during which we don't enjoy as bad phases. May be those are the phases during which we learn the best lessons of life. We are no one to decide which time is good or bad. So the author Sujit Lalwani drives home the same point in his book 'Life Simplified!' that if we can keep the time devoid of our emotions then there are no such bad times that cause us pain. All that happen shall happen for good and make us feel good.
It's difficult to reach the spirtitual stage of life where in we can separate the emotions from things happening around. Bhagvadgita also states that it is the highest level of life to see both good and bad as same and feel hot and cold as the same. It should be an aspiration for each one of us to reach such highly stable levels of life. Please share your feedback on

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