Friday, February 08, 2013

Instinct to conclude

All of us want to be experts in analysing everything and everyone. More than the want, most of us have already fallen into the pit of assumption that we can comprehend any person or any situation with the wisdom and experience that we possess. Unfortunately this is the reason why we jump into quick conclusions and far from perfect decisions that hamper our further progress. You might have observed that as experience and knowledge grow in a person, s/he becomes more descriptive about anything and keeps enough number of ways open before concluding about anything or anyone or any situation.
The instinct to conclude and finish quickly is also a sign of sense of urgency but this cannot be applied to those entities which are not under our control. Our work is under our control and hence sense of urgency can be applied but when it comes to making decisions when someone else is also involved in the project along with us, it's a blunder on our part if we jump into instinctive decisions that can have negative repercussions later. You might have observed that a baby touches the fire instantly the first time it notices fire which is an instinctive decision by the baby due to lack of experience with fear or lack of knowledge about fear while you will for surely find an aged adult taking sufficient time to jump into any type of decision even when the entire country is in crisis so that s/he gives the right decision after analysing and evaluating every aspect of effect of his/her decision. Wisdom grows only after sufficient knowledge is applied in practical scenarios increasing our experience.
I have always had this instinctive habit to finalise things quickly and immediately so that I can move over to the next task and I feel no shame in confessing that I have ended up on the losing side by taking such instinctive and incorrect decisions. I have always regretted after committing such mistakes since I couldn't revert the situations late. However I have learned my lessons, have you? Please let me know on

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