Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Will have to make it happen

Just a few seconds back while I was thinking of a topic for today's blog and was chatting with one of my colleagues, she was telling about all the meetings that she had lined up from november 15th onwards for a mega IUnewspaperbag campaign of making 1,00,000 newspaper bags on Novemeber 20th,2012 on the occassion of International Children's Day. She has voluteered to be the Chief Volunteering Head for this humungous project taken up by Inspiration Unlimited. I was really inspired to talk to this young lady by name Beena Chowdary who is pursuing her graduation in Law in one of the finest institutes of India. When I asked her as to how would she manage her studies with this busy schedule for the newspaperbag project, she just replied "will have to make it happen".

What a wonderful attitude to see in youngsters today! She has complete belief in the work of hers and is sure to manage all commitments simultaneously, the reason being she respects every commitment. We have seen 'n' number of people around us who are just trying to find an excuse to escape from their commitment on many occassions. Probably I have no rights to blame anyone of them and I accept the same as well. If one is not involved in multiple commitments then what's the fun in living a limited life catering to just one particular work from 9 to 5? LIFE itself means Learn In the Form of Experience. If a person is not engaged in multiple tasks then how will s/he be able to gain multiple experiences? Repeating the same experience everyday definitely doesn't give the same enthusiasm of a new experience. If you are not fulfilling the bucket of diverse experiences then where's the question of living and loving a holistic life?

So, friends! don't fear from taking up new commitments. Blunders and mistakes are bound to happen and that is exactly called as experience. But make sure of one thing that you will carry the attitude of Beena Chowdary and that is, 'will have to make it happen'. This attitude alone shall clear all the roadblocks and build a proud past for you. Do let me know if even you are interested in participating in the newspaperbag project on november 20th on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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