Tuesday, November 06, 2012

One sword to protect 100 wounds

Imagine a battle of the times when there were no guns and bombs. People used to fight with metallic weapons such as swords and chains. Sword fight is one of the famous duel between two opponents. If a warrior is already hurt with a hundred wounds on his body, it's quite difficult for him to continue the battle but if he has just one sword in his hand still he can definitely continue the fight such that the wounds are no more hurt and get enough time to recover by the time he keeps fighting and defending himself and continues the battle.

If you have imagined the above scenario exactly or even approximately then you have already got my message. The above battle is what I refer to life as since life is just a series of challenges that we are fighting day in and day out. The warrior is none other than the person who is reading this blog right now. The hundred wounds are the hundred flaws that exist in imperfect beings like us. Let me assure you that there is no Mr.Perfect in this world. The single sword is nothing but that single strength of yours that will take you ahead in life. Friends! just accept the truth that flaws exist in all of us but the only difference between any two people is the number of flaws that are discovered and those which are still hidden from the light of reality. It's quite natural for a warrior to get hurt during a battle and the same way it's quite natural for one to have flaws. But you have to remember that a sword in hand can make the warrior ultra-powerful in spite of the wounds. Similarly one strength of yours if repeatedly executed can shadow all the flaws that you have.

Well! It doesn't mean that you can walk away just like that with one strength. The warrior while defending himself with the sword also makes sure to medicate the wounds and become perfectly fine. Likewise it's our duty to work on our flaws and try achieving the perfection of flawlessness how much ever impossible and distant it might sound. Remember to keep strengthening your strength by exercising it as often as possible and simultaneously keep working on your flaws as well. No wonder that I ask you for your feedback once again on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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