Monday, November 19, 2012

No wonder you want what you want

We are stuck in this society which drives us crazy as often as possible. I am damn sure that you would have time and again faced the situations which are of not your choice. You desperately want something to happen and it always escapes away from you at just a hand distance. You can't let go off the desire of what you want. So once again you start running behind it. Leaving what you have and moving towards what you don't have is what is called as LIFE.

Each one of us is trying to structure out the unstructured web of thoughts and dreams in us. Each of us have a plan of how we should lead our lives. Each one of us have that amazing set of agendas on mind to execute. Unfortunately we get entangled in all other possible commitments before we even think of unwrapping the papers of dust covering our original ideas. Is it fear of not being able to execute all that we think that keeps us away from working on them or is it the immediate basic necessities of life that bind us from going away from working for them? As if it is not enough, upon these confusions come the conflict-solvers in the form of influences in our lives. Different people with different theories try to strategise our lives in the process of which we are completely lost in a complete new set of thoughts
which are once again influentially constructed. No wonder we enjoy them upto certain extent until the bug of idea caught in the web inside us starts screaching out.

This is the exact point where in you have crossed the 2 stages;
1 - I can't understand what's inside me and 2 - Even others can't understand what's inside me. That is when you learn that no one else apart from you can implement what you want and you go behind making it happen. That is when you realise that the last resort is you alone who can feel, realise, understand and implement what you want. That's why I say 'No wonder you want what you want'. So do let me know what you say on

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