Monday, November 12, 2012

Just chillax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is that which is the most essential when the mind is completely cluttered with all the happenings around? Just Chillax man!!!!!!!!!! Well! my dear reader, you will be completely disappointed if you're expecting some serious lesson for life in this blog but I can assure you on thing for sure and that is, this blog will come in handy whenever you are completely stressed out or burning in the fire of confusion.

Life is all about living happily. There is no point in worrying as all the worry of life doesn't matter when we are dead and gone. Touchwood! Let's do our work and enjoy life but I also accept that our emotions and feelings often get targeted by the situations we are in. So at such times of stress when you have no idea of how to move forward with a light heart, just chillax dude!!!!!!!! Go off to some silent and clean place not too far away from home. If you have some really cool friends who are involved in the same situation as you are take them along. Please don't take someone who doesn't understand your lifestyle and workstyle. Sip a coffee and just tell yourself the formula of 3 idiots- ALL IZZ WELL!!!!!!!!! Put yourself out of the difficult situation and pat yourself for reaching there because difficulties only indicate that you are growing. Discuss or envision a bigger and brighter future and set some schedule to deal with all the problems individually. Don't plan anything else apart from that. Just spend some quality time to understand yourself and your friends better and get back home.

There is not a limited work that can be done and finished in this world. Work keeps piling up one after the other and if one can s/he can even work after dying and still there would be lots left. So give some breaks for chillaxing as well so that your mind and soul are rejuvinated back to the normal state so that you can think of better ways of handling the stuff at work. Do let me know if you liked this blog on

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