Monday, November 12, 2012

Influx of ideas

As I keep writing blogs one after the other each one with a new idea and a new concept concealing a new thought, I just keep wondering as to how I am able to come up with such diverse topics. That is when the cocept of 'influx of ideas' flashed in my mind on which the current blog is all about. Influx means an arrival or entry of large number of people or things. So do you want to know how to create an influx of ideas in your brain? Here's the answer.

The target is what that decides your mode of action and planning. The better defined the target is the better and faster is your approach to accomplish it. Defining a deadline is even more important. All these settings for the target subconsciously set an alogorithm running on your brain that starts putting more number of brain cells into the thought process of completing the work at hand. More the number of neurons at work more the number of thoughts and ideas. Also repeating the same task having the same procedure might at times tire away the enthusiasm in us. Hence when the target itself is exciting enough to employ all your creative talents, it becomes even more easy for a variety of ideas to influx on your mind. Also make sure to remember that ideas that pass through our mind fail to get registered with our memory unless we write them down. Hence penning down your ideas is very important as well.

I have heard of this anecdote of how a coal turns into a diamond when sufficient high pressure is applied on it for a number of years. Similar to this when there's a pressure of completion on our mind it  automatically forces all the energy to divert our brain cells from thinking of distractions to giving birth to a variety of new ideas. Would love to receive an influx of your feedback on

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