Monday, November 05, 2012

Every idea deserves its value

It was around a couple of days back when I was conversing to a friend of mine that she told me that she could make french fries better than that at a outlet of a big giant restaurant. So I told her that she could get in work with that chain with her new recipe. She laughed saying that she was going to do MBA not to become a cook. Instantly I told her that MBA was all about implementing your idea, managing to plan a business out of it and administer it grow bigger and if her recipe was really good enough she could become a millionaire in a week. She responded that she didn't want to become a millionaire. Immediately I retorted that it wasn't she who chose to be a millionaire, it's the idea which deserves to earn a million dollar.

I have seen and heard many people who are very modest and humble but being humble and modest doesn't mean that you should give away valuable stuff at small prices. There is a significance of everything, every thought and every moment and each one of them must be provided the due respect and reward that they deserve. To go at a microscopic level as the title of this blog states, every idea deserves its value. How does one determine the value of an idea is immaterial as long as the idea is not implemented. Certain ideas enter certain minds in certain situations and nothing of these is a coincidence. Everything has a purpose behind its occurrence. Some ideas are just powerful enough to generate revenue for crores of masses. So, it doesn't mean that one starts feeling that s/he doesn't want or deserve the revenue that her/his idea can generate. The money that the idea can generate will also have to be reinvested to grow the idea bigger and to reach out more people.

If you have any idea on your mind just start implementing it at any small scale level possible instead of thinking how big or how small the idea is. No idea can be measured as long as it's in your mind because it is just a thought which doesn't have any dimensions. The impact of any idea can be measured only after implementing it. Remember that God has blessed this idea upon you so that you can do justice to it bereft of your emotions or desires.I will be very happy if you let me know if I can be helpful in any way for your idea on

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