Saturday, November 17, 2012

Don't bore to the core

None of us intentionally want to get bored nor be a boring person. We want to live an interesting life and gain other people's interest in us as well. The simple rule is to give what you want to get. So if you don't want to get bored then make sure that you are not boring someone else. So how do we not bore is the core of this blog. Courtesy the experiences my team has had and suggestions made by our team leader, this blog shall solve your PR problems. {PR -people relations}
When does a person get bored? When s/he faces things repeatedly in the same old fashion. Eg: students are bored of lectures, employees of bored of working, wives are bored of cooking, teachers are bored of teaching. When does a person not get bored? When s/he faces something new which the person is willing to know and learn. I hope you have got your answers. If not, read further. Let's focus on not what we want to not get bored but on what we can deliver to not bore others. Whenever you are meeting the same person again, make sure you have a new information to convey. If you are meeting someone who wants to learn from you, make sure that you have something new and of next level than what s/he knows already to teach. If it's your client, make sure you have a new project or a product that the client can enjoy having and experiencing.

Know that for providing new everytime you will also have to undergo lot of research on what the person likes/dislikes and search for new things. Correct? Completely wrong. If you are a person who wants to keep yourself continually happy and excited and don't want to get bored then you will automatically learn and know new things and become an interesting person who neither get bored nor bores others. If I haven't bored you with this blog, then feel free to pour in your feedback on


  1. your blogs are very practical and helps a person to overcome a given situation... keep coming up with more of such blogs.. truly enjoy reading them :)

    1. Thanks a lot for the feedback Rithesh. I truly enjoying writing because I have such lovely readers like yourself who enjoy reading.