Friday, November 23, 2012

Do you have a plan for tomorrow?

I have heard that big businessmen and people at high powerful positions have meetings lined up the entire day. They hardly find time to spend with their family also. Their schedules are packed days, weeks, months and sometimes years together. I used to always wonder as to how well they could exactly fix their future timings. Many of us are in a state of just thinking of what to do now many a times whereas these busy people hardly find time to ask 'What to do now?' because that has been planned way back in their past.

I definitely do not intend to scare you that if you reach such top positions, your life will become miserable but it makes me learn as to how much these people value and respect their time. How many of us actually do the same? Seeing my academic achievements when people think that I should have been studying all the time, I just laugh at myself when I recollect all those times of mighty hours that I had just wasted away. I do feel guilty of them now. I don't know if we really have piled up work and responsibility that can keep us busy for all the tomorrows but I am damn sure that we can fill the tomorrow's time with sufficient activities that shall help us grow. We miss out on tomorrow's time the main reason being we don't invest just five minutes of today to plan and schedule our tomorrow. If you can plan every hour of your tomorrow then you will never have a regret of having wasted time.

Most of us depend on the plans that others make for us which is by far only in the favour of those who planned. It's just our laziness that we depend on such plans and when the real planner alters the plan we are left with a bunch of minutes which we silently kill away by scolding the person who changed the plan. Remember friends! your tomorrow must be planned by you at any cost else you will be at the receiving end of your own anger tomorrow night like tonight for killing your own time. Please share your feedback on

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