Thursday, September 06, 2012

The passing time

1440 minutes of a day sometimes feels very less for us. We are piled upon with responsibilities and work right from the time we wake up till the time we get back to bed. Its so difficult to complete all the day's work within a day. Hence many extend their days into nights as well. Students study extra hard until midnight, people work overnight to meet completion before the deadline. The time is just passing by all the time. Time is so eternal and consistent that it takes no break whatsoever. Inspite of working continuously for hours together some achieve more while some achieve less.

The reason for the difference in result for the same input of time is the efficiency in usage of time. I still remember an example of one of my seniors in my college who had to take an appointment to meet his own father. I don't want to get behind the emotions of this statement but let's accept the truth that some people are really busy where every minute, every second of their's counts. Do we have a tight schedule like this? is the question. Some might feel 'yes' because we need to get up early in the morning, get ready, reach our college/office, come back in the evening to finish off the pending tasks of work or study or home and go back to sleep to wake up early next morning again. If you feel this is the busy schedule due to which you cannot really do all that you want then you are absolutely wrong. The time we spend in bus just travelling is a passing time. The time that we take to walk slowly towards our classroom or cubicle in office is a passing time The time that we spend to watch a good song on the TV amidst our work our study is the passing time. The time that we spend to just get out of the house to take a walk in the balcony and see who's on the road is a passing time. The time that we spend on talking about others with our pals is the passing time. There can be countless such examples of passing time where only the time is passing by the next hour and we are stagnant at the same state of life doing things which won't help us move even an inch forward in our lives. This is where we lose the efficient usage of time where the successful people take a victory over.

There is no offence to anyone who loses time in any of the above manners. It is quite natural until we understand the preciousness of time and planning. More important of all is the desire to utilize every moment of life to reach faster towards our dreams. One with no purpose of life and no goals just passes all the time day dreaming and blaming that nothing can happen in life. Friends! once again I stress upon the best usage of time. All the best!!!!!!!
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