Sunday, September 02, 2012

People shall fight

All of us are aware that we need to work to get what we desire for. In one of my previous blogs I had spoken about working and as well as making sure that this work is projected well to yield the result that it deserves. You can refer the blog 'Project your work' for your reference. When one is not rewarded for what one deserves, I had mentioned that one should fight for it and even that is a part of his work. Just 2 days later after writing this blog a superb thought struck my mind which said that when one has genuinely given his best not just him the world around him shall fight for his reward.

A very simple yet profound example that I would like to bring to your notice today is that of Mahatma Gandhiji. He struggled and fought for the freedom of India. When He was arrested by the British no doubt that he fought to get out in order to continue the freedom struggle but even the people fought for the release of the Mahatma. When there were Hindu-Muslim riots happening Gandhiji went on satyagraha without taking any food. Even at that time people fought to stop the fight just for the sake of Gandhiji. The current example we can talk about is Sri Anna Hazare who went on Satyagraha to fight corruption on his own will and wish. People joined hands to end the Satyagraha taken up by Anna by fighting against the government to take reforms to end corruption. I have seen so many posts on facebook wherein people share about the struggle that any person is going through and seek support of all their friends to help that person though they are not even connected to the struggling person directly. I still remember one of the unforgettable incidents in my past in schooldays when I was slapped by the principal for no fault of mine. At that time though my self-defence couldn't resolve the situation completely, it was few friends of mine who stood by me and proved my innocence regarding the incident. When you are RIGHT people shall fight for you.

Remember folks! keep continuing your genuine work irrespective of the results and the opinions of people. Give your best to what you're doing and keep an account of all that you're doing as well. World has become a nasty place that asks for your Life certificate though you're standing in front of it alive. So you will have to fight to get what you deserve. When you are contributing your work towards the progress of the people around you, be very sure and happy that the people around you shall fight for what you deserve.
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