Saturday, September 22, 2012

Decide to not ask

I remember the famous thought stated by my dear birthdaymate Albert Einstein which goes like this -"I thank all those who denied to help me because of which I could learn and do all of it by myself". Probably due to time and knowledge constraints not everyone of us may be able to follow this statement though we agree with the same. There are innumerable situations that come in our lives where we are entrusted upon with certain work and we start searching for all those who can help us in that regard. Sometimes we are lucky enough to receive the help that we expect whilst sometimes we are at the end of receiving rejections as well.

The decision to not ask for help is one of the toughest decisions that you can take in any scenario. I am not suggesting one to stop asking people for information or service. When the source of any information or service is a specific individual and you cannot afford to have it done by yourself you may ask for their service in return of some payment but when you are self-aware about the algorithm to reach the information or the skill to learn the work to be done you might just be leaning one someone else for help even if its in the form of payment and might end up on the side of losing the experience. When you decide not to ask for help in any form your mind is forced to search for everyway to get the information you need to perform your work except for asking someone else. This provides enough force on the brain to innovate new ideas to accomplish the work at hand and that is where all your creativity will burst out. This process of punishing helplessness on oneself is a bit tough when you can see knowledge modules moving just around you but its quiet necessary to evacuate the dependency quotient from within and fill in the confidence to accomplish anything all by alone self.

Take any inventor for that matter who innovated something that didn't exist before. He or she was forced to think on creating something that didn't exist just by using the existing components and no one else knew the procedure for the same and hence it was helplessness forced upon by the surrounding environment that made him or her to invent what he/she did. You will explore the solution provider in yourself for any problem you face when you take up the complete ownership of solving any problem that you come across by yourself just by deciding not to ask anyone else for help.
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