Thursday, August 16, 2012

2nd lesson for freshers

Long back I had written a blog which had some of the guidelines to the freshers who enter offices to start their official career. Hence I call the current blog that you are reading as the 2nd lesson for freshers. In this blog I would like to share some personal experiences of mine and the lessons that I learnt out of them. I am very much sure that everyone of you will come across these scenarii and I hope that this blog will serve you as the torch in the unawareness of darkness.

Any kind of technical work is always logical in its approach. Hence there is no special miracle to understand or do any kind of technical work. Most of us in our work would be doing this. There are hardly few careers such as marketing or public relations wherein one deals with people and not technology. There are complete set of different lessons for this field which I will convey in another blog. As of now lets take up the technical profession where we work with computers and machines. You might have studied completely a different subject than what you will be working in your office. So be ready to accept this new sphere of learning. Every basic logical block has already been embedded in our brains. How well we assmeble them to understand the complex logic at job is in our heads not hands. When something is new no wonder that we are filled with questions and doubts and the immediate answers we see are the seniors filled with experience and we approach them instantly for our solutions. No doubt they also help initially but later it just gets distrubing for them as well. I was a prey to one such bad experience. Just make sure that you give your extra time to understand the problem at hand even before going to the seniors. Tell yourself that you are going to learn everything without taking anyone's help. The best friend who will always help you in this phase will be GOOGLE. Search for anything and everything and gather information. Explore and learn the answers for your own questions and doubts.

Every problem either has a solution or no solution. If it has a solution I am damn sure you can crack it with the help from internet. If there's no solution then make sure that you have tried out as many approaches as possible to find the solution but in vain. But these efforts don't go a waste. They serve as the R&D work of finding out the different methods that cannot yield the solution to your problem. Learn the process well and practise good documentation. Both of these will build your reputation in the team.

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