Friday, July 13, 2012

Let's make things happen

With the advance of technology and science the world is just getting into more chaos than getting streamlined. Certain aspects are getting easy while having their negative impact on other merits. A very simple example for this is more and more people are surrendering to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure just because they are using easier means of commutation and daily work because of which they are unable exercise their body. Not just at an individualistic level even at the global level things are not happening in a smooth manner. Most of the population is confused between what to prioritise in life. In this confusion of life people are failing to recognise the consequences of their ignorance and negligence. Many of them are lost in finding the solutions to their own life problems. So a very of few of them are left to strive to make this globe  a better place to live in. Amidst the ongoing politics, cold wars, terrorism, natural calamities people are finding it difficult to escape from the tough challenges posed by the society. Man today is trying to just safeguard himself than thinking about how he could be the reason to release other man of the fear of security. Though people have lost faith in finding good happening around them either in relationships or business or in the society few great leaders have evolved to restore this faith in the masses. I would like to salute some of these living legends namely Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Steve jobs, Warren Buffet and many of them who have just not made it big in business but also have taught the world how the business success can be utilised for the betterment of the society and the planet.

I would like to urge my dear reader to come out of complacency and the disbelief that this country or the planet can't get any better. Its time for people like us to take action. Being educated we can clearly understand the problems that have been eating our society and think of solutions for the same. I don't expect a college going student to go and donate millions for the upliftment of the poor. I ask not just the youth but the entire population of common man 'What is that stopping us from coming out of our comfort zone to make a difference in this world?' Let me assure you friends that the leaders and visionaries are very few in numbers on this earth. More than 99.99% of the global population is the common man category who has just assumed that a common man can make no difference to the world. If this huge population is sitting silent and ignorant of the ongoing events then definitely its difficult to see a better future even if hundred extra Bill Gates or Steve Jobs arose. I being a common man would like to ask my reader who is a fellow common man that if all the common men got together towards a vision of seeing a beautiful future for our next generation would it be impossible? Definitely not! Let's take up small initiatives to make things happen instead of waiting for someone to rise to the position of a leader and then lead us. Let's spread the message of peace, cleanliness, love, trust, respect and leadership in everyone around us. Let's look for opportunities where in we can contribute our little bit towards the betterment of the society and the globe.

A simple act of ours to donate a meal to a needy person can reduce the hunger quotient of this world. If students in a class can just contribute one rupee each, it could buy the text books for a poor kid. If we stop throwing waste around and educate the people around us also to do the same, it can reduce the infections and diseases and increase the rate of healthier earth. If we just stop complaining about the bad qualities of a person and start appreciating the good in everyone, it will spread the thoughts of positivity throughout the universe. If everyone of us can just keep smiling always at each other it can reduce the more than ninety percent of ego clashes, emotional and health disorders. If we just shared our knowledge and wisdom with people around us, I am damn sure that this world will have a fairly high intellectual population. I have shared my message with you beloved reader and I believe you will help me to pass on this message to more of them out there.
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