Sunday, July 15, 2012

The birth of Talent

It has been a question on mind right from childhood as to why different people have different talents and varied skill levels in those respective talents. Everyone of us are born as babies emptyhanded. A poet is not born with a pen in his hand, a cricketer is not born with a bat in his hand, a painter is not born with a brush in his hand, a singer is not born with a mike in her hand. Still we see that some excel in sports, some in arts, some in science. I keep wondering sometimes as to how a child develops a talent of his/her own in the process of growing. Today while I was teaching my younger brother about painting, probably I saw the birth of the talent of painting in him which I want to share in this blog of mine.

As everyone of us know that be it any talent, no one is a master of it right at the beginning. Only he becomes a master of the talent who works as a slave of his persistent interest and commiment to the talent. At the beginning stage, any person develops an interest towards a talent due to various reasons. May be an inspiration from a role model in the same field or a chance to try out the talent accidentally or a force by parents or teachers to work on the talent for the sake of grades. Whatever the reason might be the amateur gets in touch with the talent. The talent is not born even at that time. It is just getting ready to take a part of life of the amateur. The moment the fresher to the talent starts enjoying the refreshening feeling that the talent generates in his heart is the time the talent is born. The talent is born inside the man himself. The young boy matures into a man to safeguard and develop this talent of his. This scenario is quite similar to the situation wherein a gorgeous girl impresses the teenage boy and the wink of her eyelashes blossoms the love in the heart of the lover. As this love fills the life of the lover so does the talent starts to encompass the artist.

Thus the talent starts evolving with every practice in the mind and body of the human. More the interest, more the passion, more the commitment, more the practice, more the talent growth happens just like how a child grows into a beautiful lady with great care and nourishment. Every man gets a chance to try out his hand at different talents but he chooses to give birth to which he is attracted more. Perhaps only God can explain the reason for this attraction and why different people are attracted towards different talents. I just feel its similar to how different people are attracted towards different people of the opposite gender. At the end of the day all that counts is how well one takes care of the talent that is born inside. I request my dear reader to recognise the talent that is born within and nourish it well to present it as a gift to this world.

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