Tuesday, June 12, 2012

When cheated to save

Once upon a time the ancient English empire had arranged a voyage for the elite class of United Kingdom. The clergymen, business stalwarts, sportsmen and other classes of people were boarding the ship for the first ever time in their life and they had paid huge sum for this amazing 5000km ocean trip which included every kind of entertainment possible and the food feast was arranged by the best chefs of England. The trip was scheduled for 30 days and every common man of the Victorian land was dreaming of this kind of a trip in their future births atleast. The arrangements for this event which was the first of its kind ever had gone on for six consecutive months and more than a thousand labour was entitled for this task. The ship itself was loaded with five hundred staff for serving three hundred people.

Obviously for such a high valuable voyage the Captain who was appointed was the best of that time. He had an experience of hundreds of water travels. He was assigned the highest titles of England for his service to the nation. He had his best preparations made before the start of this fabulous journey and had all the maps which could help him during the travel. He had mastered the usage of the then available instruments which were necessary to have the best measurements of current flow, wind speed and direction and other important elements. With all these ready the magnanimous journey began with the flashes of light which filled the sky. Celebrations were going on the deck as the journey began. Dance, songs, games were the nature of play. Some spiritual people were inclined towards speeches by clergymen. Almost ten days passed like this when there went up a red signal in the sky all of a sudden. A very loud siren rang to deafen the sound of music and shouts of people. Everyone on board was shocked and were in panic. Then the captain came upon the dance stage to announce to the crowd the most awaited reason for the recent happenings. He begged apology first to let the people know that there had been breakage in the ship's base due to improper maintenance and water was sneaking in through the cracks and informed that the trip had to be abruptly stopped to make the return to the shore in concern of safety of the voyagers. The audience were in no mood to listen to this excuse to cancel the most awaited trip of the century and demanded a fix to the problem than to end the excitement of the trip. There were arguments bouncing between the Captain and the crowd. Everyone on the ship was disheartened finally to lose the battle and agreed to turn their back on the trip and as per his request people helped the staff to throw out the water that was entering the ship slowly through the leakage points. The most hated 'U' turn had been taken.

Upon reaching the shore back home the sad travellers were welcomed back by their family to listen to their unlucky trip. The law and order of the land had ordered a severe punishment to the Captain for being reckless about the ship's maintainence. Everyone was furious against the Captain. All his titles were to be stripped off the next day of the return. When the Captain was given the last chance in the court to defend himself he told that he had cheated the people. He repeated "I cheated to save them" and disclosed the true reason behind the cracks in the ship's base was none other then he himself. He had made those cracks. Everyone in the court was awestruck listening this. Then the Captain explained that he had seen a very big iceberg right just few kilometres away from the ship covered under the fog through his telescope and knew that there would be no escape from hitting it if the ship continued forward. He explained from his earlier rough encounters with the scary nature that on such occasions you really never know how many more obstacles stand ahead. The temperature might really go low enough to solidify the blood or more icebergs can raise above the water level and contruct the passage. He knew that he couldn't prove his intuitions to the people on the ship until they saw it through their bare eyes. That's when he decided an alternate way of convincing people to return back home and made the cracks in the ship. He apologised to the people for being crude enough not to disclose the real reason instead cheat them only to save them. Everyone were in tears just imagining of what would have happened to them if it was not for the Captain's presence of mind and later everyone thanked him for saving their lives to move on with the life which was saved the Captain.

I have tried to bring out the best analogy possible through this story of mine and many of my friends' real life experience. Please share your feedback on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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