Friday, June 22, 2012

Test yourself

Everyone of us are put through the system of learning right from our childhood. We spend lots of hours learning new things and practising the learnt things. I am not talking about just the conventional form of education of going to school and learning. Even those who do not have the facilities to go to school learn some sort of work which they have to use in order to earn their living. Not just the children or the youth, even the working professionals keep learning new developments in their work, new technologies. To convey in short everyone on this earth is in a continuous process of learning.
Atleast in schools and colleges, there are regular tests and exams in order to validate the learnings but once we come out of the education system not just by age even by syllabus, whatever we are involved in is the syllabus of life. Are we sure enough that we are performing to our best capabilities in the activities other than studies. Marks determine our performance during studies but when we are in other activities there is no one to rate us by marks. We will be only given feedback which cannot measure our performance levels. Hence it is necessary for us to test ourselves regularly. We have to set the measure for the results that we expect of actions done by us. Just sharpening the axe without using it to cut the log never tells us how sharp the axe is or how much more sharpened it should be. Whatever you are doing test that activity time and again. Set a benchmark that you must touch everytime you test yourself. Life is too short to wait for the circumstances and life's challenges to test our strengths. Develop various kinds of tests to test yourself. This will not only keep you guard about your skills but also will help in sharpening your abilities.
Just imagine if Sachin Tendulkar had stopped playing cricket in practice matches just because he played very well in the international matches. Then Sachin wouldn't have been the Sachin we are proud about now. He practices in the nets and in practice matches to test himself as much as possible because he needs to be perfect when he is playing for his country. Likewise to be the best and the perfect in whatever you are doing test uourself regularly. All the very best.
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