Saturday, June 02, 2012

I might never succeed

"What a pessimistic attitude to begin with!" Might be you are thinking this after just reading the title of the blog. There is a big boulder of optimism behind this which I am going to reveal in a couple of time units. Today everyone of us are living in a competitive fast moving world where you take a nap for a minute and the world would have progressed ten steps far. More than living a life we are busy completing the syllabus of life as we do for exams. There are certain goals which we need to accomplish and unless that's done there is no peace on the mind or happiness in the heart. We are so busy seeing the mountain top that we can't even smell the mesmerizing fragrance of the roses along the path that we are treading.

You might have got a hint by now I hope. I am talking about this moment, the present. Are you reading this blog just to make sure you complete it within couple of time units because you have your next meeting lined up or are you actually reading this sentence? Frankly speaking I don't know. Sometimes the case is that not even you know what you're actually doing because the eye is fixed upon the small goal post forgetting the large grass field where you are actually playing. Well! I am not against any principle of goal setting. Its very important the we need to have goals in life. Its very important that we need to be focused on our goals every moment. Its very important that we shouldn't get distracted while pursuing our goals. But its also important to enjoy the ride until you reach the still-waters. You reach your goal for a moment but you would have travelled to reach your goal for a lifetime sometimes. What is the point in struggling through a decade just to be happy for a second!

God never gave us goals, we created them for ourselves for our own reasons. God always bestowed an entire life upon us to live through it. Sometimes we are not even sure if all the struggle will be worth it because life doesn't come with a fixed expiry date, The Law of Uncertainty, you see. I am not even sure if anyone will read my blogs but I enjoy writing them one after the other, line after the other, word after the other because I ENJOY writing them. I consider myself lucky if you are reading this blog. Lets savour the beauty of the valleys while trekking up the mountain to reach the top. Lets enjoy the warmth of the waters while swimming to reach the shore. Lets relish the taste of the food before gulping it down the throat. Lets enjoy the present moment which we are living and learning from it.

I might never succeed in conquering all my goals but I will surely extract every juice of happiness that the path to success can offer me. Kya patha Kal Ho Na Ho! If you also feel the same feel free to post on


  1. Mesmerized by the way you've put forth your views using various examples! I enjoyed reading this as much as you enjoyed writing this.. Amazing!! Keep them coming...

  2. Thanks a lot Shruti Balasa and Vishakhadatta. Your appreciation drives me to write and narrate more.