Sunday, June 24, 2012

Everyone's making noise

You step outside your house and you start hearing the honking horns, shouting vegetable vendors, running mill, chatter boxes on the pedestal and loads of other sources of noise. The tap-tap sound of plastic balls, never ending barking of the street dogs, sound waves travelling from different vocal chords and loud speakers just jam our hearing system every moment. There's so much of noise around due to more of unwanted reasons than wanted ones. All these noise enter our brain and misdirect the nerve impulses' direction of travel. The blood rushes through the veins and probably gets jammed without knowing where further to travel because of this sound pollution. Noticing all these I can't stop myself from saying 'Everyone's making noise'.

Amidst the clutter of distorted sounds do we have enough control to concentrate on the things that we are supposed to. When we plan we plan the plan so well in silence without any disturbance that we give the necessary importance to every detail of the plan but the moment we get out into the chaotic world all our planned stuff gets filtered. I sometimes keep wondering why is there no filter for our senses. Just if we could filter what content we would like to hear, what we would like to see, what we would like to smell, what we would like to feel and further. May be talking and tasting are the only aspects over which we can have some sort of control, not the complete control because our eyes and nose taste the food through the appearance and smell before our tongue can taste it. There is just too much of distortion and disorganization in things around us that we get distracted from the path we would have set for ourselves. We forget our life affairs in between the current affairs, we misunderstand our goals living amidst so many fools, we neglect the essentials watching others' pontentials, we ignore our own dreams among the worldly sreams. Its time for us to wake up from the sleep we are living everyday counting on others more than on us.

FOCUS and REINFORCEMENTS are the two keys which will unlock the unperturbed path to our success. You might have heard a zillion times that 'Where Focus goes, energy flows'. There can't be a simpler statement than this. You need to focus on what you want to do and accomplish. We have to accept that we are human beings and have limited memory and concentration. Everytime we lose our focus from our goals we need to reinforce back what we had decided to do and reorient ourselves in doing them again with full zeal. Write down your dreams and goals and focus your complete energy on achieving them. Reinforce in yourself everyday the pleasures associated with achieving those dreams of yours because the moment you let lose of yourself you are sure to be submerged under the ocean of confusions and commotions because 'Remember! everyone's making noise'.

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