Sunday, June 10, 2012

Action first Power next

I have to really appreciate today for the amazing meeting that I had with the young entrepreneurial minds of bangalore. Congratulations to everyone reading this blog because you're going to witness an event right here in bangalore in next few months which will be a life transforming one. You can contact me later to get the further information about this fabulous event but today I would like to share my head-fake learning from this meeting with my friends. 'Head-fake' is a concept wherein you learn something while you're actually doing something else. Thanks to Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch who taught this through his book 'The Last Lecture'. Please do watch his video on youtube titled as 'The Last lecture' which has the best lessons for life. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for awakening many people in the world to work for their dreams.

Coming to my head-fake learning, it was one which was in the form of random pieces of a zigzaw puzzle in my head from a long time but today it took the right shape to solve the puzzle and teach me one of the profound lessons of life. Let me ask a question - "If you were given a chance to be either a CEO or an employee of a company, what would you choose to be?" I am damn sure that in most cases the answer would be "CEO!" because there lies power in the title and also very good remuneration as well. Might be such questions come only in a blog not in real life because when you have the talent in you and you have proven it to yield results there are no questions but only pleasant orders. Let me make it more clear. If Sachin hadn't played the best cricket during his childhood days neither would his father allow him to drop education and continue his sport nor the selection committee would take him to the national team. If Bill Gates had no idea about DOS before he met the IBM guys his Microsoft wouldn't have been the biggest software giant today. These examples can continue forever because whenever man showed his preparation to the world, it threw back opportunities at him.

You would have seen many people around you telling that "I can do that, I can do this" when they wouldn't have actually done any of them till then. Infact why should I spare myself from this blame? Even I have made statements like this very often only to realise that I couldn't standby my words. It was a very tough truth to accept but had to because that's how life teaches us lessons. Everyone of us are submerged under the layer of ego underwhich we claim to do anything if given a chance. Folks! come out of your school. It happened only in school where you were sent to sing though you didn't know to. In the real world big responsibilities aren't entrusted upon you just because you like it. Its more a question of deserving. The world grants you chances only when you have proven to the world in the past that you have been experienced enough to carry out the task else you will still be talking about what all you can do but never do them because you are waiting for someone else to grant you power to execute them. Write down every task that you want to do or like to do or love to do. Plan how to execute them with the best resources you have. Go all out and do them irrespective of the fear of failure or the negative criticism of the people. Only then you gain expertise at doing them. This is going to add to your portfolio on what you're capable to do and then the world recognises it to give you more power to execute a lot more of them. That's why I named the blog "Action first Power next".

Please come out of the dream world where you can even fight world wars barehanded. The world vests interest and power in the hands of those who can use them for better results not with those who just talk what they can do than actually walking their talk. Do let me know what are the significant activities that you have taken up in your life. May be we have an opportunity for you because when preparation meets opportunity there is SUCCESS.

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  1. "When preparation meets opportunity there is SUCCESS" this are awesome lines ever learnt.. Awesome realizations from the blog.. Thank you so much!! Keep Writing!! Keep Inspiring!!