Friday, June 01, 2012

Learn 2 Earn; Earn 2 Learn

"What is this wonderful beauty of the language!" I keep wondering sometimes. Just add a letter to an existing word and the entire meaning changes. Use the same words repeatedly but in different order and there's a message for life. Thanks to those intuitive minds whoever created this language and helped it evolve. Coming to the topic of today "Learn 2 Earn; Earn 2 Learn" was a post on facebook a few days back but today it evolves itself as a post on my blog. Yes I am back to my work - ABAD : A Blog A Day. There were innumerable reasons for not continuing ABAD at the required pace and in this process a great learning was bestowed upon me by the Almighty and this is what this blog will be talking about.

Before starting I would like to erase the misconception off the reader's mind that earning doesn't mean only earning money. You can earn respect of the society, you can earn trust of your friends, you can earn the love of your loved ones and so on and so forth. Every feeling, thought and emotion which can make you extra stronger and more capable to face the world to pursue your aspirations is an earning in itself. People have been misguided in the current scenario of the world that only earning money will help them achieve all that they want in life. Its an apathy to know that some of the big money builders of the world are battling depression because they have lost every friend and family member in the pursuit of building the golden castle which ended up in isolation. Let's come out of this cliche created by the artificial glamour surrounding us. Its time to think back on the lines of 3G (3 Greek philosophers)- Aristotle, Plato and Socrates who passed some of the most valuable lessons for life.

Similar to the ladder of earning money in life earning name, trust, love, respect etc follow the pattern of unending repetitions of learning and implementing. We learn new things and implement them in our business or jobs to produce extra outputs which will result in extra income for us. In the same fashion learn every tiny detail of life which will help you move ahead towards your goals. Learn the way to get people interested in you, learn how to inspire your pals, learn how to walk an extra mile in adversity not just for sake of the self but for the benefit of others, learn how to shed off your ego in front of the more deserving human beings, learn the boomerang effect - "What you give is what you get", learn how to give an extra thought, extra smile, extra effort to make your surroundings more cheerful. In this process of learning you might fail 'n' number of times but I am very sure that you will succeed also 'm' number of times and these will be the times when you will be building the prosperity of life step by step in every arena of it. In this process when you earn little gifts of life you would have realised the lessons behind them. Never become complacent because life has bigger gifts in store for you. With the experience backup that you would have earned learning more will become much more easy which will definitely lead to a fulfilling life.

The moment you stop learning you stop earning as well. So make sure to keep the cycle of learning and earning; earning and learning continuing forever.

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  2. Simply well conveyed point! So true that money has indeed become the focal point of earning! A lot more can be earnt once minimum amount of money for surviving well is earnt!

    Bring it on! You are improving by the day in your writing abilities. Good to see!

    Sujit Lalwani

    1. Thanks a lot sir for taking out precious minutes from your busy schedule for reading through and commenting on my blog.

  3. Very useful for me.. Thank you Mohan sir