Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tribute to the LIKER of HITLER

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been one of the few inspirations who has proved that hardwork and clear ambitions can take a human to climb the ladders of success one after the other. From being a soccer player in a school team in Austria he went on to become the 38th governor of California state. He has played different roles of life like bodybuilder, actor, businessman, investor, politician etc.
Arnold known as "The Austrian Oak" during his bodybuilding days was inspired seeing photos of bodybuilders in magazines. He was a guy who wanted recognition which he couldnt find in team sports. As a result of which he made a shift to individual sport, bodybuilding. He got addicted to it and went on to become Mr.Universe at a very young age of just 20. This required lot of hardwork, patience, discipline, perseverence all of which were rendered by Arnold to the sport with complete dedication. Arnold has lost only 3 times in his bodybuilding career but all the 3 times he was awarded the 2nd prize. He learnt lessons from each of these defeats against Chet Yorton, Frank Zane and Sergio Olivia and created a track record of 7 times Mr.Olympia title winner.

After proving that he was best in bodybuilding he entered Hollywood. He initially acted in action-oriented roles but later expanded his acting skills even into comedy genre. Indeed it was a tough time for him to learn english and speak fluently being an Austrian but the name is Arnold, synonym of GROWTH. He impressed his audience and even established the superstar status in movies. Then in the later part of his career he jumped into politics only to give back to the society what it had given him during his earlier days. He also expanded his horizons in business and investment and no doubt that he has been quite successful in them too.

Initially, he was influenced by bodybuilding but later he became an inspiration for bodybuilding field itself and has proven the time paradigm shift of inspiration. He conducts Arnold Expo every year comprising of competitions of all sorts of sports to encourage sportsmen/women all over the world. The good news is that shortly Arnold Shwarzenegger would be in Mumbai, India participating in the bodybuilding competition for Mr.India.

Arnold always wanted to become someone like Hitler or Jesus with the power to influence masses and be an extraordinary personality in the world and the history is the proof that he has accomplised it. One simple yet big lesson from the life of Arnold is "GROWTH".

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