Monday, March 19, 2012

10 minutes to type

I have just 10 minutes to finish this blog. What is the topic that I am gonna touch in this was a question in mind just 30 seconds back. So I made it the title of the blog. Like we have extempore in school where we pick up a chit and talk about the topic in that chit spontaneously, this is called instant blogging.

When I think of the content, I want to share what all happened today and especially the most important learnings that might help the reader to take back something from the blog. Gymming has been one of the profound passions of mine which I dint miss today. Arnold Shwarzenegger in his entire 15 years of career in bodybuilding has fallen sick only twice and that too just common cold. This was one of the most motivating points why I recommend work outs and exercises to people. Also one more advantage of this intant blogging is that I would pass on only really important points for life.

Just 4 minutes to go. Celebrations make your day memorable. Had a chance to cut a cake for my birthday today and was presented with a mega handmade greeting card by AASLESHA. Really awesome feeling to see that I have completed 25 years of my life and looking forward for more. Learnt one of the best things from my mentor "what you think you are, what you show you are and what people think you are must be in sync" - Sujit Lalwani.

Last minute to review the entire blog before posting.

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