Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Finally there is a platform for people to share about all those tiny things that they did in a day which meant tiny ounces of help to people around them. What you speak more is what grows more. A lot of platforms, both offline and online, have given us the freedom of expressing all that we want to the entire world. None of these platforms have placed any restrictions apart from the security settings till date. Unfortunately, none of them drove a vision into their users as well. All of them just gave the stage, but here is the new trend of the new generation that shall give the right stage to speak the right stuff to inspire more of it to happen -

All of us want to know that we have been a reason for some positive difference on this planet. We would like others to pat our backs and encourage us to do more and more positive stuff. Doing small good deeds loses its recognition in the eyes of normal people, as a result of which many refrain from doing good deeds. Hence the new platform has got launched online which is spreading its wings offline too and that is " - A deed a day". Anyone can register on this platform and start posting his/her daily good deeds. People always said that God alone counts and calculates your deeds, both good and bad. Probably this site shall share a small responsibility of at least maintaining the database of all the good deeds that you do in life. Since the platform itself asks you to post good deeds, you don't have to hesitate from posting feeling that you're boasting about yourself. What is being spoken more about happens more often. If it's your good deed that is spoken more often by people then more of it shall happen for sure. Your small deed might give someone an idea of doing something similar to that. Your deed can inspire a thousand others to repeat the same. As a result, a chain reaction shall set in, where each one is inspired by the other person's good deeds and the number of good deeds shall increase exponentially. If people are speaking about good deeds, reading about them, writing about their good deeds and doing positive things then there is no reason for the world not to get better. A whole vision of bettering the planet has got triggered through this novel platform.

All that you and I can do is support such an initiative from youngsters. Let's spread the word so that everyone gets in sync with the new trend of the new generation. It's high time that people across globe should join hands to increase the positive impact on our society than merely sharing profile pictures and counting the number of likes and comments. Let the time spent scrolling down our timelines reading unnecessary stuff from others' lives get invested in doing more good and posting about them so that more number of people are triggered to jump into action. shall become a rejuvenator for someone who has come back home after a hard day. It shall be the happiness quotient riser for the new world of ours.

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