Sunday, August 10, 2014

When I went back to school

It's been more than a decade that I have passed out of school now. Courtesy my work, I get a chance every day to go back to schools and relive those childhood memories. No doubt that the syllabi have changed, teachers are aged, schools have got additional protection grills but the children and their joy are the same. Thanks to schools which don't allow these young kids to get electronic gadgets to schools. That gives them ample opportunity to behave as living human beings with their counterparts. I enjoy observing kids below 4th grade. With all the information floating on internet and other media channels, kids are growing up and are more mature to understand the worldly affairs at a much earlier age nowadays. Such kids start behaving more or less like elders which is not so enjoyable to watch.

I recall those moments when kids enjoy speed. They want to be the fastest like superman. The moment they are out of class they run at Usain Bolt's speed to the restroom. I don't know what happens so magical over there. The moment they have to come back to their classroom the speed decreases exponentially. It looks like as if these kids are trying to compete with tortoise or a snail to win 'Who is the slowest?' competition. Somehow, struggling to allow one foot go before the other, they reach the classroom but something unexpected happens when they are just two feet away from the classroom door. All the speed lost seems to come back with the best pace and they start panting at the door as if they have just completed a 100 metres sprint. The teacher is so amazed to see such kids who showcase that they don't want to miss even a second of class. Unfortunately, the teacher doesn't know the episode before panting. May she never know it! It is surprising to notice how kids pick up such interesting talents. One more remarkable angle of a child is that s/he doesn't care who you are, what's your background, what's your colour, why have you come to the school or any other aspect of your presence in front of him/her. The moment you smile the child smiles back at you. The moment you ask a question the kid is ready with instant answers. All that the kids want in life at that age is to be happy and do things that come to their mind without thinking about any pros or cons. They are unaware about any time tables or schedules. All that they know is, eat when you are hungry, play when you have friends around and sleep when you are tired. They are devoid of all tensions of this world. That void is filled up with loads of happiness and joy on their faces. The same transcends on our faces when we are in front of them. Hence everyone cherishes those moments when they are with kids and conversing with them.

Definitely I am not saying that there are no other ways of being happy. There might be a million other ways but I love this way for sure. I am sure that a lot of you also forget all your sadness and gather the entire happiness of the world in a child's smile. Each one of us should make it a point to keep aside a few hours in a week or a month just to visit schools and observe those young minds playing the simplest game, but yet enjoying the entertainment that no playbox can provide at the most economic costs. It's a wonderful feeling to wish them good-bye as they take their tiny tots with little school bags on their backs eagerly looking forward to meet their parents after a 6 hour long separation. On the way back home switches on the school radio when the kids narrate all that happened in the school with their parents. It's a fascination to witness how the same situation that happened in school is explained with different voice modulation and perspective angles by different kids. Even better to note is the speciality of these kids who forget all the bad things that happened right that night itself and only carry forward the happy moments of the day.

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