Friday, August 29, 2014

We are all human beings

At the end of the day we are not Gods; not even devils. We are human beings. There is loads of stuff that shall shut their doors on our faces. There is a mighty chance of things going wrong when you just expected them to go right exactly how you planned. No wonder such backfiring always change our moods and emotions. Things that don't work out carry the power to switch us off for some moments. All of a sudden all the energy feels as if it's drained out. The motivation to go ahead no more lingers on the mind. All these are very much natural because we are human beings. Just like how we can go high and laugh rolling on floor the opposite also holds good. These situations shouldn't make us blame ourselves.

Let's go back to the time when we were those kids who cared a least about what the world around us was doing. All that we were focused on was our games, our food and our tiny, little homework. We didn't bother what others thought about our colour or clothes. When someone disappointed us or fought with us, we definitely felt bad and cried in the arms of our parents. But after some time we got back to our normal routine of playing and enjoying childhood. None of the pressures of the universe could levy their burden on our shoulders. We could run, fall, jump, hide, sleep and do every other thing that was possible without worrying about what happened just an hour ago. Feelings are an intricate part of human beings. Sometimes they are good; sometimes they go down to being bad also. We must accept this truth of highs and lows of life and emotions. As we grow older people teach and train us to be ever-happy which is a very hypothetical and ideal situation to ever happen on this planet in our lives. It's very easy for someone to say to you to be happy when you are sad just like how it's easy for you to do the same to someone else. But changing the emotion is not so easy at one switch. It shall take its time. Until then, we must agree to the fact that we are prone to such mood swings. If the emotion can swing from good to sad then it can swing back from bad to good also. There lies the hope for every one of us. We can get back to our energetic states also, not just lose them.

Life is there to offer all kinds of challenges to us. It wants us to go through all kinds of emotions. It wants us to experience all kinds of scenarios. As you expect more from life it only gives back more to you. All you need to do is to enjoy this wonderful ride called as life. We cannot be perfect all the time. Perfection is an illusion. We must agree to the fact that we can also make errors and be ready to correct them. If we act the same manner all the time then we won't remain as humans; we turn into stones which remain the same no matter which situation they are in. The essence of life is change. It can be change in our emotions or thoughts. It can be a change in our perceptions or feelings. We are all humans ultimately.

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