Sunday, August 17, 2014

The five people around you

Birds of the same feather flock together. This age-old proverb is more than sufficient to let us know that we get along with people who are similar to us, who think like us and have similar interests like that of us. The environment we are in automatically influences our knowledge, character and attitudes. Our environment is not formed by anyone who stays far away from us. It's always influenced by people around us. That is where a very important lesson that my mentor had taught me long time back comes into picture. Your being is formed based on the five people with whom you spend your most time with.

Most of our habits are derived from our parents or guardians because they are the first set of people with whom we spend our starting years of life. Next come our siblings or other family members and then the school atmosphere. All these factors influence only the early years of our lives during which things are mouldable in us. After a decade of experience on this earth starts our real influence and from that point onwards we start choosing the kind of people with whom we would want to be surrounded with. As we grow through years of life the people with whom we spend most of our time becomes a limited set of 5-10 people. These are the people who shall impact our lives from very close distance. That is where choosing the right set of people around us becomes very important. Our character shall automatically get framed as the average of five characters around us. Choosing them well is our responsibility. One must have a clear vision of what kind of a person s/he wishes to become in life, and only then can one choose those people who are already living a life that s/he dreams of. Finding five such people and being in daily interaction with them can help you create a life you dream of much earlier than you have actually planned or believed in, because now, even the environment around you is accelerating the process. Hence it becomes very much important to choose the right five people in life.

What happens if you don't find those 5 key people around you? As per Murphy's Law, you are surely going to find someone else for sure, but beware not to choose that person who cannot resonate with your dream life. Be alone at that point of time just using your Law of Attraction and asking the universe to bring the kind of people you want in your life. Let the universe take care of the rest. Being alone you are already spending time with a serious person in you who is serious about the future dreams. Who better a person can you find other than you? Make use of the friend in yourself and keep your search on for those five diamonds in your life who shall come and shine your life much better than that of theirs.

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