Friday, August 22, 2014

Far-fetched dreams

Everyone has dreams. Everyone wants to live a life that's filled with luxury and harmony. Yet, not everyone is able to live one such life. Having the best state of life in terms of health, wealth, people around and status in the society is a dream that every soul aspires to enjoy. Achieving all of these is definitely not a very easy task. One has to struggle through the climbing process to reach heights in life and challenge the inconsequential side-effects of his/her own acts to achieve all these. The best sculpt body, abundance of wealth, name and fame take not just few days or weeks or months; they take years of dedicated hard work and commitment to accomplish. Hence they become far-fetched dreams of life for many.

People are often used to quick results in life. 2 minute noodles, fast food restaurants are some of the simple examples to state that people don't have the patience to have what they want. They are in a hurry to have food, travel and even to sleep. Big dreams always demand high tenure of time to result in reality. Since they yield only after sufficient long amount of time people lose the passion for achieving those. The motivation to sustain the interest goes low day by day as the time to accomplish the dream seems really too far to be true. Lack of motivation is not the only factor. When the dreams become so big that they need a lot of time to materialise in our lives, people also start tending to doubt whether the dreams will really convert into reality after all the hard work or not. This lack of belief in one's own efforts shows sufficient number of examples around who tried achieving the same dreams but failed miserably. The non-guarantee of what might come up in the future drives the focus of people away from their dreams, and thus many of their dreams become far-fetched. The moment people have thrown the dream into the far-fetched ocean, it's difficult to bring them back and believe that those dreams are achievable once again in life. Temporary failures to accomplish small dreams also push the belief away from us that we will be able to achieve the bigger ones. As a result, many of the dreams become far-fetched dreams of our lives.

Sacrificing one's own dreams is just not the loss of that single person. All of us together form this society that surrounds all of us and each one of us cast our influence on the lives that breathe in our environment. The moment we categorize some of our visions as far-fetched ones, we attribute the same to similar dreams of others around us. In a way, we are discouraging the person next to us, also, from dreaming big in life. Just because we couldn't focus and believe we bring down others beliefs too and ultimately slower the civilization progress. If we can bring back our far-fetched dreams on our to-do list and dedicated daily efforts to accomplish, then, not just we will accomplish them but we shall also be an inspiration to million others to launch back their far-fetched dreams into existence and help thousands of others to aim for such massive achievements of life.

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