Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Respect and regard

In our email communication we write 'Regards' at the end of the mail before writing our name. We use a greeting such as 'Good morning', 'Good evening' or 'Dear', 'Respected' to begin the mail with. The email already shows at what time the mail was sent. It also indicates as to from whom it was received. So these simple words of formality or greeting might seem redundant but they are necessary. There is a particular format in which a formal letter must be written. The way we write in expresses our respect towards the person to whom the letter is concerned. No one is obligated to respect another person, it's just common sense to understand the philosophy of 'give respect and take respect'.
Communication is one of the most intricate parts of our daily life because every moment we are communicating something or the other to the world around us. Conveying the right respect and regard to people with whom we are communicating is highly essential to ensure the right flow of communication and relationship sustenance. No one likes to be asked about work at the first shot. Everyone expects a warm greeting before even beginning a conversation. People are already pressurized from all sides by commanders who keep asking for reports from them. We are humans and not computers. Even animals expect care and love before getting ordered to sit in a corner. Likewise even humans expect courtesy before being asked anything. This warm feeling can only be expressed through respectful greetings and warm regards which everyone needs to learn else the simple straight forward words might sound just too offending.
Even if we go back to the days of old stone age, humans definitely existed and they lived. Even in the modern age people are thriving in their wonderful lives. Hundred years later too, humans shall exist unless there is a drastic sudden catastrophe that might wash away the human race from the face of the earth. People are here to stay. The work came later. All that people need to live is food, clothing and shelter. More than the hunger for food, there is a greater hunger for care and love in this world, said Mother Theresa. Respecting the feelings and emotions of people is far more important than the work to happen. Hence expressing the right respects and the best regards to others while communicating should be our way of living.

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