Monday, July 08, 2013

Appa amma peche kekaame...

I  have been a crazy movie buff from a long time. In fact, I have learnt some of the best lessons from movies. Movies have been an inspiration and a reason for rejuvenation for me on many occasions. Once again, I am here to share one of the most profound lessons of life that got reinforced while watching a movie recently. In this movie, the hero is a cop who gets to meet some big shots in business. During the conversation, he mentions some of the lessons taught by his parents which he follows honestly. In return, they question him about his obedience towards his parents. At that point, he replies, "appa amma peche kekaame, vere yaar pecha kekunu?"
The title of this blog post is in Tamil language, one of the regional languages in India which has lived for centuries together. The last statement which is the reply of the cop is also in Tamil. Translated version goes like this - "Without listening to parents' advice who else's advice should we listen to?" With the age gap between parents and children yielding a vast gap in the technology and the kind of environment the kids are surrounded with today, it has become highly difficult for parents to hold on to their kids along their school of thought. Parents' beliefs seem far alien to the current generation of youth. As a result of this widening gap between the closest ones and absence of right guidance, today's youth is getting entangled into lot of problems, both physical as well as mental. When one doesn't listen to his/her parents' advice then s/he will be bound to listen to some random stranger's advice who appears in the form of a friend or a lover. What guidance can a fellow being give who himself/herself is left unguided in the darkness of ignorance!
Our parents have been the reason for our existence on this planet. They are the reason for us to have our basic necessities fulfilled to the best extent possible. Man undermines the value of people who always stay with him and provide him daily service. Being pampered by our parents, we forget that we are indebted to the kind and amount of care and love that they shower on us and take them for granted. As a result, we get misled in life because of others' words. It's time to remind ourselves that our parents' are the ones who shall always think about our profits more than their losses and turn our attention back towards our parents and their thoughtful words.

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