Friday, May 31, 2013

What is your insight?

All of us live through several moments of our lives. How many of us learn from every moment of our life? A poet views the grandeur of a waterfall and exclaims, "What a beauty!” An engineer witnesses the same and cries out, "What a waste!" What we take out of every instance of our life and things and situations around us is completely left to us. This is what I call as insight.
If a person is willing to learn even an empty road can teach him the best lessons of life. It is completely up to our discretion as to what we decide to take out of any situation of our life. Most of the times we neglect so many occurrences in our life that we end up being completely clueless as to where we spent all our time and energy. The reason is because we wouldn't have taken out anything constructively out of them but when we decide to focus on triggering our insight towards every small thing that happens around us, we get a deeper understanding of stuff around us. A thought that dives into the depth of something that is very ordinary shall reveal the extraordinary lesson beneath the ordinary. No big things can be understood unless we have understood small things. To understand the tiny truths of life, we need to develop an insight that studies more about everything which seems to be normal for others. Only then will we be capable to opine on any particular topic aptly.
What we think about others is what we are. The more we exercise this talent of ours to understand things, people, experiences and situations around us, the more we start understanding ourselves. We become more capable to judge our anticipations and feelings. We start discovering ourselves afresh anew. Life is all about discovering the highest true form of oneself which unfortunately gets muddled in the noises of the world around as we grow up. Having an insight into everything helps us to get back our true-selves. Your insight on this post is more than welcome and more than valuable.

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