Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A dream to share

As I keep writing blogs one after the other day by day, I need to ask myself as to what new have I learned today. I need to think through different diverse experiences that I have gone through till night and then pen down my most important lesson for the day. Since I have crossed more than 400 blogs now, I thought of sharing a dream of mine with my beloved readers, my true motivators.
Recently, I was searching for some content on 'self-evaluation' on google. I searched for more than fifteen minutes but couldn't find any valuable material. As the Japanese saying says, "when no one else has done it then you must do it", I took up the task of writing a blog on self-evaluation to present myself and for others who might search for the same. At that time, I just recalled about how many friends of mine and mentees had appreciated my blogs. They had even shared that they had learned many lessons from my blogs. Even in the blog statistics I have found that when people search on certain topics, they have landed on my blog. A lot of people search for different lessons on life skills on internet. Since I write most of my blogs on life skills, I dreamt that whenever a person wants to learn about a topic related to life skills like self-development or understanding the perceptions of the world, s/he should just type the topic '+ MohanBN blog' and find the answer to his/her query in my blog.
I know there's a lot of work that needs to go behind making this dream materialise into reality. I know that I need to study and learn a lot to post quality content that is completely helpful for anyone who lands on my blog. I am completely aware that I need to cover a number of topics to match with the uncountable number of queries that people can come up with in order to fulfill my dream. Knowing all these challenges, I know one more thing and that is, I shall be blogging every single day and shall take up new topics everyday. More than all, I have loving readers like you who shall support me in accomplishing this dream at the earliest. Hence I wanted to share this dream of mine with you. I would like to learn about your dreams as well, if you can post about them on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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