Monday, March 11, 2013

Remembering noteworthy dates

Birthdays, festivals, wedding anniversaries, dates of joining and
leaving jobs, dates of starting new careers and many more such noteworthy and important dates form the different dots of our lives that we connect later. Unfortunately due to the growing number of such dates, it's seldom easy to remember all of them.
However if we make a small effort to remember such important dates it can make a whole lot of difference for those who are also concerned with those important dates. Just this evening, I had a small experience which made me realise the importance of remembering dates. I was working on developing my new skill, when I got a call from the institution for which I work as a teacher. The lady on the other side was asking for some information about my qualification and also asked about my date of joining the institution for which I responded with the exact date. She was astonished and smiled which I couldn't see but only sense. She was surprised that I remembered the exact date of joining the institution. It happens with many of us many a times when we are really surprised when far off friends remember our birthdays and wish us when we least expected.
People have special feelings associated with dates. A simple example to cite is that of lovers who remember the time as well as the date when the boy proposed the girl, the first time they went out for a date and so on. If remembering important and noteworthy dates can bring about a surprise and a smile on the face of a fellow human being, let's do it more often. You can remember to provide your feedback on

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