Saturday, March 09, 2013

Food habits

I have heard it from many people that we are what we eat. Food is one of the most important basic necessities of man. Today millions of people around the globe are unable to reach out to this basic necessity of life and many are dying due to the lack of the same. Food is a saviour of our lives but unfortunately today it's disgusting to see that food is becoming responsible for different kinds of disorders in people and eventually affecting their health and life.
The reason that the sacred food is seeming to be disastrous to lives of people is because of the bad food habits that many of us are carrying. Obesity and diabetes have become so rampant with many people today because of their dirty food habits and even due to lack of physical exercise habits. It's a sad scene to see that people are replacing simple, pure and clean drinking water with aerated drinks for drinking purposes. Fried items with heavy oil content have become the trend in the fast food restaurants. There is no intake of balanced food by majority of the people. High calorie content in the food is leading to every other type of disorder in people today. Cleaning of vegetables and fruits is taking away most of the nutrients along with all the pesticides sprayed on them and as a result there is not much nutritional value added to what we intake nowadays.
Hrithik Roshan, a very famous Bollywood actor said in an interview that when he wanted to get back in shape for his movie Krissh3, he googled out to find the best trainer and that trainer taught him about the best diet that is tasty as well as fulfilling and equally best for health during the bodybuilding routine. There are so many bodybuilders in India itself who could have trained Hrithik Roshan because bodybuilding is the field that teaches you the best regarding physical health by instructing on proper food habits, sleep and exercises. It's my vision to help lot of bodybuilders to reach out to every person in our surroundings and guide them towards good health and hence have a healthy nation. Drop in your feedback on