Sunday, March 17, 2013

Daughters and dads; sons and moms

Before I begin, let me make it clear that I am not generalizing anything here. It's just that I am putting across my views regarding my observations of the world around me. (I feel this is a very nice diplomatic way to put across my point.) I have noticed it often that daughters are more close to their dads and sons are more close to their moms and it is vice-verse true as well. Dads' favourites are daughters while the moms' favourites are sons. I am sure that even you would have observed this phenomenon among your circle. As I am completely unaware about this topic, I wanted to write about it to know what I already know but am not aware about as recommended by Steven Pressfield.

Girls are curious to know what the guys talk about while guys are curious to know what the girls talk about. It's an inbuilt curiosity to know about the opposite sex among humans. Remember that curiosity always lies in the unknown. Until extinction of the homo-sapiens you can be sure that the females will always have things to discuss about which the men will never know but always would want to know. The same holds good vice-verse as well. There are certain topics which shall be discussed in a certain way among males that will never reach the females' ears though they want to hear. When it comes to the father-daughter or a mother-son relationship, the same thing holds good. Father being a male can have every idea possible as to how his son would talk, think, react, respond, plan, emote and act at what particular age and in which particular scenario. Similarly even the mom being a female can anticipate every step of her daughter on the lines of female mentality. Even though the same anticipation might not work out exactly still it's pre-decided in the mind of the parents and a feeling of known always prevails which doesn't ask for further interest in finding out the next step. However, when it comes to the criss-cross relationship between a dad and a daughter or a mom and a son, the male and the female mentalities cross paths. As a result both the parties are curious to understand the next step from both the ends.

This willingness to understand more about the other person is what brings relationship closer between people. Whenever a relationship is fostering patience and sympathy towards each other always accompany. As a result it gives a good ground for the relationship to get stronger and more often this happens between people of opposite sex. You might have observed as to how boys are more tolerant towards silly girls and girls are tolerant towards naughty boys. The desire to understand and attract the opposite sex is embedded in the DNA of animals cum humans by the grace of God which is quite difficult to change. Every girl expects her husband to be as protective and possessive of her as her dad and every guy expects his wife to be as caring and lovable as his mother. All these factors sum up together towards making daughters the favourites of their dads and the sons the favourites of their moms. You are totally free to comment about my opinion on

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