Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The simple short research

Most of the times you might have observed that there are some walking encyclopedias around us. They seem to know everything about everything in and around us. They seem to know the past, present development, future scope of every small thing that they see. Not just sometimes but many a times we are awed at such huge database of not just general knowledge but also specific knowledge. What makes such people so wonderful who seem to know everything that's happening around us?
The simple answer for this question is a 'simple short research'. This is one of the methods that I learnt from my mentor, through which you can possess the pleasure of knowing the minute details that can surprise the person in front of you. Let's take a very simple example. I hope each one of you reading this current blog have a watch with you. You might have it on your hand or in the shelf. Do you know the brand to which the watch belongs to? If no, just peep into the watch to find out. Now, give yourself just 5 minutes to google out about the brand. You shall get to know the time when the brand was established, its owners, the path through which the brand has evolved, the future designs offered by the same brand and much more. All such information is just accessible on net with a simple google search withing seconds. If you can just go through this information for five minutes and remember 5 key points, it's more than sufficient. 
The next time you see the watch, all the google pages and key points shall get reinforced in your mind and you don't have to invest any mental concentration power to learn this information by-heart. Repeating such simple short research on many a things around can make you empowered with diverse knowledge and hence increase your ability to relate things when compared to others. In fact this is a simple way to turn into a genius. Feel free to share about your sales experience on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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