Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The office amenities

I was watching the current trending video on facebook about the importance of coding in school education and in that I found that Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and lot of other CEOs and founders of different companies shared about the importance of coding education. There were few samples which showcased the offices of such big software companies which make it so comfortable for coders to work.
I was just awed by the looks in some of these offices. They have a kitchen, laundry, play stations, sports equipments, gyms, bean bags, sofa sets, coffee shops, skate boards and lot of other stuff all inside the office. If someone saw these without any awareness about the company, s/he would think that it's a big mansion of a joint family. People are just carefree in their clothes with no strict restriction of being in formals while at work. Some are playing while some are working. The office looks the same 24/7 with all the amenities available just at a phone call or even an online ping. Today companies are striving so hard to provide all the amenities to their employees so that they contribute their best towards business. I have seen lot of people who have even forgotten their homes because food, clothing, shelter, all these three basic necessities of life are taken care in their respective offices itself.
Many people just dream to work in such companies with such awesome facilities but all these don't come just like that. You have to be really talented and skilled to find yourself fit in their companies. Only then stands a chance of enjoying such official luxury. So make sure that you sow enough amount of hardwork to reap such wonderful benefits. Do share if you have had such experiences on

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