Thursday, February 21, 2013

Talk at NMAMIT, Nitte

It was during my work at Oracle as a software professional that I used to meet many people who had passed out from different colleges and were employed by Oracle India Pvt. Ltd. Oracle being a big brand multinational company only intook students from some of the best colleges of the country. During my 3 years of service at Oracle, I had met few juniors who had studied in NMAMIT college at Nitte. At that time it was a dream for me to go to such colleges and deliver talks. Finally one such dream came true just one day after Valentine's Day. On February 15th, I was invited by NMAMIT college to deliver a talk at their venue.
It was a culmination of IU Cares and People-The Vision, NGOs working towards bringing about huge positive social impact in the society. Rithesh Kamath, MD of Saraswathi Group of Institutes also accompanied me for the talk. Gautham Navada, the young upcoming blogger from Kundapur was also present during the talk. Just before our motivational talk there had been sessions by Chinmaya mission and Ramakrishna mission in the same college. So it was a huge challenge on our shoulders to make a mark during this talk. The talk precisely took off at 1:45pm in the AC auditorium with all the students assembled. More than 120 students from computer science and information science branches had gathered. The event
started with a formal floral welcome by Sharada Shenoy mam and her volunteers. Rithesh Kamath provided the initial ignition with his vote of thanks. He made sure that the crowd started enjoying the talk during which he narrated the story of Neils Bohr and Rutherford which enthralled the audience. He also spoke about how thinking different was an asset in the future for each one of us.
As soon as Rithesh Kamath's part was over, he introduced me. It was a lovely feeling to see the crowd applauding my entrance. I wished them the belated wishes for Valentine's day for which there was a spur of laughter and applause. Then I jumped into the story of Lizzie Velasquez from Austria followed by that of Udam Singh Kamboj who had held the fire of revenge against Michael O'Dwyer for 21 years for the Jallianwallahbagh massacre on April 13th,1919. The students enjoyed the humour as well as the seriousness of the talk. Then came Gautham Navada who shared about his experience with blogging and website building. It was a pleasure to our eyes and ears to see that both the teachers and students shared a fabulous feedback by the end of the talk. One special feedback was that some of the students had come into the hall with a decision to sleep or escape during the talk. Fortunately our talk was powerful enough avoiding any such cases. Thanks to the almighty! I just pray that he empowers me more and more to pass on the lessons that I learn in my life. I definitely cannot end this blog without thanking Sharada Shenoy mam, Uday Kumar Shenoy sir, highly spirited volunteers of NMAMIT- Rohit, Himani, Divya Kamath, Swamy, Gautham and many others probably whose names I may not be able to recollect here. Thanks to all!!!!!!!!!!
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