Monday, February 04, 2013

Public Speaking Club Exhibition

It was yet one more wonderful day on February 2nd, 2013 when I witnesssed young kids of KLE Society's International School participate in "IU Public Speaking Club Exhibition". Students starting from the age of 7.5 years to 12 years participated in this wonderful exhibition to entertain the audience with their linguistic and speaking abilities. The entire event that happend for three hours encompassed three different activities to showcase different strengths of the students. I am really excited to share with you about each of them here.

The first activity was a public speaking competition for students from 2nd and 3rd std and the topic was 'My Dreams'. The reason this topic was given because today's children need to be made aware of their dreams as early as possible so that they don't end up in confusions later. Primary school kids shared that they had dreams of becoming doctor, engineer, IAS officer, police officer, architect and many more. It was really heart-touching to see each of these small eyes carrying big dreams.

Second activity was a debate between two teams of two students each studying in 3rd std. The topic given to them was whether homework was good or bad. This debate was the highlight of the entire show. Each team started arguing as to why their perspective towards homework was correct and tried to convince the opposite team agree to their ideology. There were many funny moments which the audience enjoyed thoroughly throughout the entire show. Finally I had to stop them else they would have continued to debate the whole day.

Third activity was a cabinet meeting of the Karnataka government body which included students participating from 5th and 6th std. 7 students assigned themselves the roles of Chief minister, agricultural and irrigation minister, sports minister, health minister, education minister, transport minister and home minister. These young kids really showed the way a board meeting should be conducted with their wonderful respect to each other and discussed about the pertinent issues of the society. This was the final showdown that the audience were really impressed with.

All these wouldn't have been possible without the support of Sujit Lalwani sir, Geethika Kharola mam, Bharath.G.C sir and Bharathi mam. Thanks to all the parents who enjoyed the entire show and a big thanks to all my lovely kids who made the show a grand success.  To know more about such sessions from IU(Inspiration Unlimited) please contact 9916034862.

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