Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lincoln talks about Euclid

In one of the incidents when Lincoln is dictating a telegraphic message, he asks the two people sitting in front of him whether the birth of a person is fitted to the times s/he is born in. Both these guys are clueless as to what to answer and one of them just musters up the courage to say that the president was fit for the time he was born in. Lincoln just smiles and asks the other guy who was an engineer. He replies saying about how people employed to operate the machines were not fit to work. Then Lincoln asks if he new Euclid's axioms for which the engineer replies that he might have known it sometime during his childhood and doesn't remebmer now. That is when Lincoln says an amazing statement which goes like this 'what you learn, stays with you'. Probably this clearly indicates why the current generation is busy studying a lot and simultaneously forgetting a lot as well. People are not focusing on learning stuff, they are just busy studying and preparing for tests and exams which eventually doesn't stay with them the whole life.
While talking about Euclid's axiom, Lincoln says that he had learnt it from one of the books that he had borrowed. Euclid's first axiom goes like this, 'two things which are equal to the same thing are equal to each other'. In fact the zeroth law of thermodynamics also states the same except that it applies to thermodynamics while Euclid's axiom applies to mathematics. Extending this philosophy further into the realms of humanity, Lincoln explains that all the humans were born as equals in this world and it's absolutely against humanity to treat certain set of people as slaves just because of their colour complexion and hence he advocates the 13th ammendment to the constitution to abolish slavery to bring about equality among all the citizens of America. Perceptional ability is always linked to how one can relate one thing to the other. Lincoln just demonstrated that his perceptional abilities were par excellence during this scene. Do let me know your reviews on the movie Lincoln on

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