Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lincoln - The story-teller

I shall not be satisfied if I completed sharing my experience of having watched the LINCOLN movie with just one blog of mine. There were so many things to learn and so many to discover that I need to go blog after blog sharing them all. One more amazing experience was to watch Abraham Lincoln narrate stories in this movie. He is an ace story-teller is what I can say and probably no one shall deny that.
The story of a portrait of George Washington was one of the best ones out of the lot. Even the story of the old woman case when Lincoln practised as a lawyer doesn't get erased from memory easily. I would never imagine that a president of any country would have the patience or time to recall a story and narrate it to people around him. Abraham Lincoln just defies all such misconceptions attached to the position of a President. Lincoln narrates his stories so well with emotions and voice modulations that the people listening to them get immersed in them. For solving every conflicting situation, Lincoln has an evidence of a story. He makes sure that the solution is conveyed not by his presidential words but by the story itself. He takes up the story with such an ease that it doesn't sound too demanding on the ears of the listeners but still drives home the message.
If Lincoln could have so many stories in his kitty then the only reason would be the combination of his vast diverse experience with millions of people and his humungous efforts into research and reading. The humour that is attached to every story of Lincoln just brings along the breeze of understanding to anyone who is listening to it and that is what makes Lincoln a great story-teller. Do let me know your views on story-telling on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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