Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let me give up

As I have taken up the challenge of completing 365 blogs by the end of March 3rd,2013, it has been rigorous blogging from almost last 4-5 days. Everyday I need to invest a solid good amount of hours to rack my brain for different valuable topics and brainstorm through different ideas on blogging about them because I can't go under-quality on my blogs.
While I am doing so, the mounting pressure of writing 11 blogs a day just keeps growing in my head. If I miss blogging in the morning, I have to sit for hours continuously in front of my laptop typing out until I finish my target for the day. Sitting in front of the laptop is what I hated and it was one of the prominent reasons for me to leave Oracle which was a software company. Now that my goal is very near and clear on my mind, I need to be steadfast in my approach and can't miss anything on the path to reach it. At such times, I also feel like giving up due to frustration or other reasons. I have even heard of people who take up Ph.D's feel the feeling of giving up while they are half-way through their journey of studies. This feeling doesn't make one a failure. It's bound to occur when we are desperate to reach the goal but are just astonished by the surmountable work in front of us.
At such times, you just have to calm yourself down and tell yourself that you shall achieve the target soon and then you are free from any kind of pressure. You just have to gather back all the reasons for your working towards the goal, take a deep breath and continue once again on your endeavour. If you also feel the same, then share on

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